Outsourcing software development: The best way to realise your app idea

Our software development company has an experienced and skilled team of developers, designers and IT experts who know the industry inside out and will to share their expertise with those who are looking for cutting-edge technologies implementation into their life and business.

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How to build a business software

If you are one of the forward-looking entrepreneurs who can not decide whether to prefer an in-house development team or outsourcing software development, we will be happy to share our expertise with you and provide IT industry insight so that you will be armed with knowledge before making a decision on the investments. Globalisation processes provide many companies around the globe with numerous opportunities making multiple things available. That is why businesses have higher competition and are looking for the way to leave competitors behind by improving productivity, optimising efficiency, reducing costs and providing greater customer services. Information technologies can transform the way people do business helping them achieve their goals. Software development becomes the gateway to success, and here you have a choice:
  • outsource software development services;
  • hire your own dedicated team of developers;
  • entrust the idea to a freelancer.
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Outsourcing developers

Outsourcing software development services is the most frequently used way to develop custom software for business purposes. The idea of outsourcing implies that you find an external company which specialises in the service you need. You can outsource software development company within your country which is called onshore outsourcing, or look for professional development team abroad and outsource developers offshore. Onshore outsourcing can be more convenient as it means that there won’t be cultural differences, and it will be easier to control their activity and get in touch with them due to the same time zone, but it is usually more expensive than offshore outsourcing.

In-house team

In-house development, unlike onshore outsourcing software development, refers to creating a new department within your company. In the case of software development, it implies hiring professional developers, designers, business analysts, and QA experts who will work for your company as full-time employees dedicated to solving internal software issues, developing bespoke solutions, maintaining programs and providing technical support. Unlike outsourced specialists they might be more motivated and always under your control. But this option will be reasonable only if you are planning a long-term software project or you provide some web services such as analytics, reviewing or something else so that information technology is a part of your company activity.


Outsourcing freelancers can be considered as the cheapest option in software development and at the same time the riskiest one. Visiting such site as Upwork you will access hundreds of portfolio of independent developers. But to ensure that in the end you will get a well-performing program you will need to engage in the project several specialists who might have never worked before. This way doesn’t give any guarantee that none of outsourced and independent specialists won’t leave your project in the middle of the development process. Besides, outsourcing freelancers you entrust the idea to executors who do what you ask requiring a clear picture of what you want to get in the end and provide them with a list of specifications.

Why outsourcing software development instead of hiring in-house developers or freelancers?

Outsourcing software developers from a proven company is the safest way to get a high-quality product and can become the most cost-effective investment for your company. We can sum up main reasons why outsourcing makes sense comparing to in-house development and freelancer hiring:
  • Cost. It may sound unlikely, but outsourcing will save money in long-term prospects. If you hire in-house specialists, you have to make a huge upfront investment for the workspace, equipment, and regular salaries what will be completely unreasonable when the project is over. Outsourcing and freelancers will reduce the payroll and other upfront expenses.
  • Time-to-market. Software development needs less time when there are teamed up developers who unites their efforts to deliver the app on time. Forming an in-house development team and finding separate freelancers and uniting their efforts will require a lot of time comparing with finding a company which already formed its team. So you will save time on recruiting, hiring, training, and housing new employees.
  • Experience. A company that specialises in providing software development services and does it for more than five years will give you an immediate access to some of the competent developers whose common expertise and experience are head and shoulders above the one which have freelancer or in-house developers. You can mitigate risks by outsourcing an agency that has a high-quality organisational culture, project management and established development process.

Creation of the business software can become the thing that gets your company ahead in the market. Such a serious investment should be a deliberate decision. Take into consideration all the pros and cons and find the solution that fits your the most - whether it is necessary to hire an in-house developers or it is better to outsource a company that specialises in software development.

What we do

As a leading software company, we provide a full range of service connected with application development starting with mobile and internet consultancy and business analytics to UI/UX design, code writing, QA testing, launching and maintenance.
Mobile apps
Our company has a team of well-versed mobile app developers who can help you to engage the customers, mobilise the enterprise and empower the employees to work remotely. We deliver mobile applications of any type and complexity:
  • Our iOS app developers use the latest version of Xcode Integrated Development Environment which due to its editorial updates lets check and debug static code reducing the time of development. Being proficient in both Objective-C and Swift, we utilise the native SDK, APIs, libraries and frameworks enriching apps with powerful functionality. iOS platform is known as the most secure and stable one, so it offers the best environments for business app development.
  • Android development team has experience of work with Android Studio and Eclipse and knows how to benefit from each of these IDEs using extensive Java libraries and Android SDK. We will ensure that the mobile application looks and feels great on all the devices running this platform so that you will reach the mass audience promoting your brand and attracting new potential customers.
  • Windows with its upgraded Mobile operating system offers a platform that unifies app creation process for all the devices running Windows 10 operating system. With a competence in a Visual Studio IDE and proficient knowledge of C++, we will help you reach 50 millions audience of Windows Mobile users.
Web software
We are a reputable app development company. Whether you are looking for front or backend web development, our team will provide you with the high-quality services. Outsourcing our web developers, you get a dedicated team of passionate software engineers and web designers who are well-versed in a variety of web technologies so that they can deliver a software solution for any business challenges. Whether you are looking for:
  • Internal processes optimisation and automation;
  • Intranet and Extranet to improve the communication within the company and with the business partners;
  • CRM system that will enhance customer relationships;
  • Bespoke database that lets you process data in your own way;
  • Or access to real-time data from anywhere;
Our team will provide you with a software solution ensuring that it has a responsive and adaptive design so that a web program we build looks and works with excellence on any screen size. We utilise the latest innovations and have sufficient expertise multiple web technologies including ASP.Net, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, CSS3, PHP, and many others.
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Outsource our development services

Outsourcing our software company you find a reliable business partner who will help you to reduce all uncertainty and get rid of all questions and doubts you may have about IT. We are here to help you to find out how information technology can increase the productivity and move the business to the next level. You can be sure that we will meet your expectations thanks to:

Established corporate culture

Our experience and expertise, teamed up developers and designers, and a set of values made us a single unit directed at delivering first-class business-driven software solutions. We utilise different development methodologies depending on every project requirements to work with higher efficiency. So if you have a well-defined app requirements or vague app idea our team and your personal project manager will define the most suitable approach to meet your goals. We carefully estimate app idea, plan your project and test the program staying within budget and time. And throughout the development process, your project manager regularly communicate with you to ensure that we meet the requirements.

Expert software developers

Our team includes experienced senior developers and young talents who never stop their learning and exploring process. Our company has a people-centred approach striving to create the most comfortable conditions for productive work. Every team member regularly visits IT training and meetups improving the expertise to keep up with ever-evolving technologies and benefit from innovations implementations. Our professionalism lets us deliver high-quality programming services ensuring a readable code, an elaborate architecture which becomes a stable foundation for further program updates and a good-looking user interface. We don’t compromise software quality as it is the thing that lets your software perform at the highest level.

Sense of security

We are a reliable and proven company with a stellar reputation of one of the best software developers. Both well-known brands and small businesses have been outsourcing our development services to build custom software solutions for their employees and customers. We provide a guarantee of the Quality Assurance, keep you informed about the project progress, regularly deliver results looking for your feedback, and take all the worries about the submission process. Our company has approved itself as a credible business partner in IT industry.