3 Steps to Develop your First Mobile App

Ever wondered about developing your own mobile application? Well, most of you out there probably think it’s a difficult job involving lots of difficult coding and system jargons you don’t understand.
In today’s world, where mobile phones and tablets are your soul mates, a collection of necessary apps are vital for not just your ‘social’ survival, but also almost every other aspect of life. There are apps for fitness, business and finance apps, games, grooming apps etc. Time you build your own.
These are some of the key stops towards developing your first ever mobile app.

Get an Idea and Stick to It

The first thing you should come up with is a brief sketch or idea about the app you’re going to build. Decide what your app is going to do and how it is going to function. If you’ve already come up with an idea, write the aspects down in detail. Sketch a basic wireframe of how your app UI (User Interface) is going to look like. Keep notes of detailed description of your app’s functioning, its outlook and its connectivity.

Learn a Language

You can’t develop your app unless you learn to code. Start with a simple programming language like C# if you’re looking to build a gaming app, or learn the Python language for building your basic framework.
Now most apps out there require a database and you need to know a basic database query language like SQL. Now if you wish to become a front-end app developer, start honing your JavaScript, HTML, CSS skills. These languages are vital in building your first app. You’ll need to know Swift/Objective-C for iOS development.

Get Building

Don’t overthink. Now that you have your prerequisites, start designing your app’s UI flow. Meaning how your app works from start to finish including every step, every scenario. Work out every detail and start developing your database. Input the necessary data like if your user needs to create an account, you’ll need to keep track of every user’s personal information.
If you want your app do interact with the server or API, add the functions to your database. Now build your UX framework as per your requirements. If you are an artist, try designing the UI and create every detail in your app. There are several preexisting UIs which you can also use. Learn Git to keep track of all your app related data.
After everything is in place, go for a dry run. You will be stuck, but don’t lose hope. If so many people have done it, why cant you?