Agile Project Management Software

All modern IT companies provide agile project management tools to follow a more efficient and rigorous methodology. If you are wondering why you still choose or if you want to know what is a leader in the market, this article is definitely written for you. In this article, we will obtain a list of the latest efficient Agile project management tools and help you convert Agile.

Benefits of Using Agile Tools for the Software Development Team

The agile visual project software monitors the process at a glance and helps team members understand the details without losing time in the tool.

The teams that practice Agile can benefit from the use of agile project management software in several ways. Agile, applying the principles of Agile software makes it easier for teams to work repeatedly while improving existing processes. The agile management software will support the teams in the following areas.

  • Plan and visibility
  • Monitoring of productivity and efficiency
  • Troubleshooting tracking errors
  • Backlog management

List of Agile Project Management Tools to Use

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The first in the list is Agilean. The SaaS enterprise workflow automation and project management software solution is basically created to be used by small and medium-sized IT companies. Agilean's main functions include planning, execution, monitoring, disability planning and response, meeting automation, version management, backdated analysis and visualized reports.


Another great thing in the list of the best agile tools is one of the best, since it integrates email with project management and has the main function in the interior. It is designed to extend and promote results by providing the flexibility to manage multiple tasks and teams in one place. Along with the agile process, you can get the latest accurate information, insert important information and add it. Planning is simplified, accurate information is made and reports and analysis are made in real time, saving time and analyzing the situation. This is to guarantee one of the resources that your team wants to use every day, personalization aids and collaboration tools, and many things to focus on your team.


JIRA is a tool developed to track faults, track problems, manage software projects and the mobile development process. The JIRA board has many useful functions and functions that facilitate the handling of several problems. Some of the main functions and tasks: assignment type, workflow, screen, field, assignment attributes. Some of the features that can not be found elsewhere. The JIRA board can be customized to suit the business process.


Another widely used Agile project management software solution that can be used for error tracking is Axosoft. It is mainly used by software developers and applications that are eager for the Scrum framework. It has an extensive set of tools necessary for all developers to work well and to create and deliver fault-free software on time.

Developers can use Axosoft to develop viable plans, trace process steps, collaborate effectively and smoothly, identify problems and solve problems before delivery. Everything is centralized, transparency is assured, they are all on the same page. We support customer comments and interactive options.

The Axosoft plan should be more effective since the software platform can collect all the details and specific information to create an adequate product order book. This simplifies the planning process from the creation of the step, the launch schedule, the version and the sprint administration. The road to completion In daily scrum mode, managers, Scrum Masters and other team members can see who is assigned to each task and how they are progressing.


The next element of the agile management tool is Planbox. Members of multiple business functions can not only plan, collaborate and deliver projects, but can also incorporate the organization's software development and other functions into the flexible lifecycle. Corresponds to the Scrum Methodology and has problems such as version management, iteration, history, delay, prioritization, scrum role, sprint, estimated time and point of history.

Basically, it is built as a platform of four levels of initiatives, projects, elements and tasks. The functions supported within the tool are the drag-and-drop prioritization, the time tracking, the appointment list, the file exchange, reports, messages, comments and error tracking.


Assembla is a combination of cloud-based tasks and code management tools for software developers. Assembla aims to change the development team from a typical agile Scrum to a more continuous, distributed and scalable one. Assembla is an Apache Subversion provider that follows Git, P4, Dropbox integration, agile task management, team collaboration, project management.

With this tool you can cover all aspects of the development and collaboration, from idea to production, upload large multimedia files, manage code reviews and document your work.

Also, if you have an application that you want to integrate, you can easily do it with Github, Slack, etc.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a planning tool for the software development team. It is useful to visualize information in the form of stories and virtual cards, divide the projects into manageable fragments, discuss the deliverables and scopes with the clients. The trackers learn from the team's natural work rhythm and can separate stories in future iterations. You can accurately predict the estimation and completion of the project. The tracker has a transparent team vision of priorities to help each member's goals. Pivotal Tracker fosters an agile and practical software development process.


Asana is the definitive task management tool. The team can share, plan, organize and track the progress of the task in which each member is working. It is simple and easy to use and can be freely used by up to 30 users on the computer. All of the agile PM software platforms above aim primarily at the ability to manage projects and tasks. It is clear that you do not need to have an email to use Asana. Each team can create a workplace that includes tasks. You can have notes, comments, attachments, labels. This tool can be used for a small process or a large process without restrictions by industry or department.


The last part of the list of Agile project management tools is Binfire, an online software for small and medium businesses. Binfire is compatible with the main methods of IT management, such as Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid Project Management. Interactive whiteboard, bulletin board, burn box, folder, PDF collaboration markup, real-time notification, status update, etc. they are provided in real time. Task management allows you to find sections on problem management, error tracking, and document collaboration.


When it is dragged, it will become an organized task list. This is a free Chrome extension that makes Inbox a manageable workspace (just like Trello, but for Gmail). Several companies known as Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, etc. They are using this service to improve the efficiency of email management. On June 18, they launched the Drag team! Now individuals can organize their inbox with Trello style boards, and teams can collaborate from Gmail via email. This means that you do not have to manage multiple external applications on teams that work together on the project or managing accounts such as sales and support.


Proggio provides agility and clarity in management. Proggio is based on a holistic approach and focuses people, not tasks. Brings success through a common impulse, momentum and focus. In this application there are several excellent features, such as an excellent visualization of the project plan, team collaboration with a single click, patented automatic analysis and process improvement.

Agile Project Management Software Suitable for Business Needs

Whether the team executes Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming or not, take advantage of the appropriate agile software tools to go a long way and make the team work in a more fluid, productive way for continuous improvement. We can provide an environment for your successful work.

In general, teams that do not use agile visual software tools may have difficulty capturing the "who, what, when, where, where and why" of the project. For example, wikis, spreadsheets, and list-based tools can store information and provide updates to team members, but if the documents are not updated regularly or individual files for each member of the team. Once found, it takes time to judge the accuracy of that data. Our company can help you decrease the time spent on searching for information, ameliorate internal communication and optimise most of the processes with the right software. Just drop us a line.