Best Agile Project Management Software to Save Your Time

At first, an agile idea of ​​project management can affect you as an illusion. This is like Netflix's idea of ​​limiting itself to just another episode of your favorite show. It seems an intelligent idea. It would be wonderful if you could get rid of it. But, in fact, you probably can’t do that.

This is because most experts, including managers, are trained to think that project management is essentially the opposite of an agile approach.

Is Agile Project Management a Good Idea?

  • We can create the best agile project management software to answer all your wishes from the business processes and third party apps integration up to the updates and UI features.
  • Make plans using longer axes and follow them as closely as possible during the planning period.
  • We will design the software accordingly to reflect the new reality and your business growing demands.
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Help with the Strategy

This means that even a conscientious manager who skillfully and successfully executes all the roles described above lacks the basic elements and strategies of the strategy.

An important advantage of agile methodologies used by product managers and developers is to encourage frequent review and correction of current plans based on new information that the team collects and analyzes continuously.

In other words, the agile method can be carried out as long as the product team coordinates priorities and plans, and has strategic significance. These teams promise to see through it, they don”t stick to obsolete plans.

Why doesn’t the PM Need to Adopt this Approach?

Should not all the projects implemented in the organization, as well as the development of products, benefit from a strategic point of view? As with product managers, they should always be constantly looking at large strategic images. Doing so will increase the probability of success.

How does the agile management work?

Even for organizations that treat PMs as tactical managers of details, even those who are responsible for completing the task and confirming the box have the opportunity to implement agile management.

In fact, doing so does not require an important discussion of the company or the restructuring of the organization's current process, so it may be simpler than you think. If you are a PM and want to try the agile methodology, you probably need to change your approach and probably the introduction of new software.

To make agile your company's initiative, you can implement a simple three-step process like this:

1. We will divide the long-term plan into a "sprint" in the short term.

In traditional management, we use software such as Microsoft Project to create a monster-sized plan to map and track the tasks and milestones of all the initiatives. This plan contains hundreds of details and can take months or even a year.

The problem is that the plan is a little outdated the day you publish it in your organization. To make matters worse, plans will become more obsolete depending on personnel changes, budget adjustments, changes in company priorities and other realities.

By performing agile management, you can prepare reality more realistically by changing more strategically by making planning thinner and shorter.

Let's suppose that you oversee the calendar of events of your company over the years. Instead of developing a one-year large-scale plan that includes all the necessary details to cancel participation in a one-year event, develop an "event sprint" focused only on the first trade fair. It is the place where your company will be shown.

As you focus on short-term tasks, the people involved are more likely to pay attention and effort. We will not waste time on the ideas and plans of exhibitions that have passed many months.

In addition, because we have not established a detailed plan for all future events in stone, review the results of this trade fair and learn what we have learned from it, the race events that will develop for the next short term.

2. Study and analyze the results of short-term sprints

Check not only if it was completed on time but also if it was successful or not.

Again, we will break the traditional principles. This will focus primarily (or completely) on whether team members have completed assigned tasks until the deadline.

On the contrary, Agile PM fell in love at first glance with the details of the plan and will see how the results of that plan work for the company.

Does the project you are doing work as well as it can? What kind of planning approach can be changed to improve the results next time?

Because our team divides the task into sprints, we have the opportunity to obtain a productive results for each new sprint. In other words, our programmers apply the strategic reasoning to the details of the draft, adjust the details according to the new reality and we propose the possibility of achieving the strategic objectives of the development quicker.

This is the real agile management.

3. Complement a sprint plan with a roadmap

Finally, approaching the process more strategically, we would like to add strategic tools that are roadmaps to the toolbox.

Yes, the roadmap has traditionally been related to product development. However, to briefly document and communicate the strategic objectives behind the initiative, consider the true purpose of the roadmap, you can understand why route maps are used for all types of projects.

Intelligent management requires the use of software to track and update details, as well as to allow quick and convenient communication between teams. Dedicated project management software such as JIRA and Pivotal Tracker continue to form the basis of team task management and clearly understand the progress of daily progress.

However, with the new agile approach, it is necessary to strategically revise the project's route map (ideally, a plan that can be built using intuitive and determined roadmap tools).

The roadmap gives you the opportunity to capture and clarify strategic thinking to design and implement the plan in the specific way you planned.

This is valuable material, as it provides a quick way to check periodically to achieve strategic objectives and helps tell the team what they are doing. What are you looking for?

The proper execution of this part of the agile project management approach will make the process of using the two tools, the detail tracking software and the software to transmit advanced strategies in a simple and fluid manner. In fact, the roadmap software built for the best purpose is perfectly integrated with the project management software.

Agile Project Management Tools

He is the best agile management tool, high score with the following factors:

Agile Reports and Follow-up

The software must track all types of metrics, such as time and progress, create easy-to-understand reports and guarantee project quality assurance objectives.

Effective Communication

The best project management software must support communication between teams and team members. The communication includes incoming comments and task lists. In addition, we must be able to provide the information (in the most understandable way) necessary for stakeholders and managers who may or may not be directly involved in the project.

Performance Evaluation

The software needs to evaluate performance efficiently, identify the necessary comments based on the evaluation, provide them and identify the error.


Let's Look at the Four Best Agile Software


Agile project management can help grow not only large companies but also small and medium enterprises. ActiveCollab is specifically designed for small businesses. It is easy to use and affordable, so project managers and team members can use it without problems.

Target Process

The objective of the process is designed with the slogan of "think visually, work effectively" and, given that the visual possibility is an important point of sale of this agile tool, this software is expressed as "visual project management". I'm doing The target process is mainly used for scrum management, but it can also be used to manage processes such as waterfalls and kanbans.


Rated as the most popular project management software in the world, VersionOne helps you achieve the fastest goal in any business. It provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that can be customized for each style of Agile model (Scrum, XP, DSDM, etc.) used by the team. According to VersionOne, "This software is for the end-to-end management of the company's life cycle.

Pivot Tracker

Pivotal Tracker created by Pivotal Labs is designed to support web and mobile developers. Easy and easy to use project management software with emphasis on collaboration. This means that all team members can see the same last real-time view of each project and the next objective that will be achieved. Reduce the gap between the developer view and the business user view.

Agile is the Preferred Approach for Most Project Managers

If you are one of them, you need the best project management software to help you organise team communication, evaluate performance and report it to a more authoritative team.Contact us to order the best agile project management software solution that makes a big difference in your company performance.