Business Analytics Software

Business intelligence software solutions offer similar benefits for small and large businesses. You can use them to obtain practical information about the data and use this knowledge to make sensible decisions. For these reasons, the business analytics software market is booming and is projected to exceed $ 26 billion by 2020.

You will be surprised if you think that BI solutions are only used by IT specialists. So, there is no excuse to be shy when it comes to investing in this type of software. But how can you find the right solution from the excellent load of the system there? To help you, we detail the main features, benefits and prices in the list of the best analytics software tools, but we will find the one that best suits the specific needs for your team.

Custom analytics software

Companies need to generate loads of raw data from various internal and external sources and turn them into a powerful source of knowledge. Softvelopers provides experience in the development and implementation of customized BI (Business Intelligence) software solutions to ensure that users receive adequate and consistent information. A powerful BI tool gathers, processes, analyzes, creates and visualizes valuable information that supports the wise decision-making of each organization, its precise prediction and its strategic planning.

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Data Mining

Data mining solutions can help you discover and report useful knowledge obtained from heterogeneous sources inside and outside your company. These tools are applied efficiently to financial and banking operations to detect fraud in marketing using statistics collected in the past for new campaigns in manufacturing to detect optimal control parameters. . These are just some examples, and the actual scope of the application is very broad.

Data Storage

Businesses need a unified and powerful solution to successfully manage and store all of that data, since software products dealing with various types of information are growing rapidly. The intelligent storage platform (such as Hadoop) can store large amounts of diverse information on many servers, so it generates analysis results faster and at a lower cost.

Information Processing

This software merge and process data from various sources, from single files to big storage. They can take advantage of relational and binary data, convert this information into a reliable source of information and give companies more advantages than their competitors.

Report Tool

With these solutions, users can create customized reports of any complexity, including ad hoc, real time, strategy, forecast, schedule and other types. Data stored in different locations can be collected in one place according to the client's business rules. Reporting tools are often used in conjunction with data processing, OLAP / OLTP, visualization components, and more accurate analytics representation is possible.


Off-the-Shelf Business Analytics Software Tools


Sisense provides a simple drag-and-drop interface that can be used to integrate all the information and display them in an attractive dashboard. Our review team is impressed with the best unfinished features and has chosen as a leader a list of the best business software tools. The seller also offers an excellent free trial plan in which you try out all the main features of the software.

What is the benefit of Sisense for analytics software? First, use it to instantly visualize and analyze heterogeneous and large data sets. With advanced chip technology, you can easily extend thousands of users and terabytes of statistics. In addition, it returns fast results for all queries.

Traditionally, companies needed to use multiple tools and qualified specialists to analyze complex figures and generate reports. However, because Sisense is easy to use, internal layers can investigate complex data sets on a large scale, deepen and answer questions instantly. This allows IT staff to tackle important tasks. Another advantage is that the engine on the chip uses the computer resources optimally, so it is not necessary to maintain the hardware or software load.

The main features of Sisense include centralized data centers, attractive visualization, mashups, interactive panels and integration with web portals. By integrating Sisense, you’ll turn other business systems into a powerful analytics creator. In terms of prices, suppliers will assess the needs of customers and provide personalized budgets. In addition, a technical support and continuous maintenance is guaranteed.


What you need is knowledge of SQL to effectively use Looker. You can easily create your own analysis modules and design your visualization using basic coding skills. Even without knowledge of SQL, learn from huge product libraries, live recordings, training materials and videos. In this document, we use interactive puzzles to make the analysis fun. One of the highlights is that this platform analyzes both the SQL host information and the web and can handle more than 25 types of data, such as BigQuery, Vertica, Hive, etc. of Google.

The main function of Looker is a browser-based interface, a collaboration tool, a drag-and-drop mechanism, a graphic, graphs, reports and integration API that are fully exportable and customizable. The most important part is that you can create panels and visualizations of rich data, even if the user of your company is Ray. Collaboration tools allow you to easily share reports with URLs and emails, or integrate with third-party or customized solutions. The price is based on the budget and receive live technical assistance.

Suppliers offer free demonstrations and are familiar with all the important aspects of the product.


GoodData is, graphics and dynamic tables, ad hoc reports, agile storage services, real-time access, marketing, sales, user-friendly analysis solution in the cloud that offers the main features as a template for service analysis. This is another powerful candidate for the list of the best business analytics software tools. The most important point of this tool is to identify operable ideas that improve the agility and health of the company. You may use it to increase predictability, smarter budget resources and make faster decisions.

The complete GoodData package includes sophisticated visualization and analysis, self-service analytics, large-scale data preparation ETL / ELT, repository. You can take advantage of this application to reveal customer perspectives and operational perspectives to help you make sound decisions that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In addition, you can use the integrated analysis function to identify new revenue opportunities. In addition, it’s easy to use expert technical support through multiple channels. To take advantage of these benefits, contact the provider to obtain a personalized quote about the requirements.


Domo stands out among the BI applications on this list, as it offers the largest data set and connector support. In addition, this platform provides a convenient function of social collaboration. You can view analytics in real time using a single dashboard. In addition, the interface of the system, the screen, the widgets of the board are very attractive. This highlight provides a comprehensive visualization of business analytics. From there, you can obtain practical knowledge to achieve more intelligent movements. For example, you can measure the impact of a product by associating a page view number obtained from Google Analytics with a specific product.

Domo's main functions include project management, mobile optimization, AppStore, messaging and communication tools, flexible integration and business data connection options. With Domo you get valuable information about social network followers and conversations, interests and behavior of fans. Because the platform is optimized for mobile devices, you can easily generate reports from smartphones. Small businesses use free initial plans with basic functions, but large organizations with a more generous budget can choose paid packages of $ 175 per month.


Tableau is a robust and easy-to-use BI solution. Companies can use information to easily understand, visualize and share data. You do not need a programming skill to create, publish or share a dashboard. In addition, this self-service analytical system responds quickly to complicated queries. Key features include comments panel, server REST API, security privileges at any level, automatic updates, dashboards optimized for mobile devices and more.

What are the benefits of investing in Tableau? First, we provide a collaboration tool that allows group analysis. Access the public board and analyze the data . Another advantage is that you have the option of implementing this application in the cloud or on the local server. The price starts at $ 35 / user / month (with annual fee) each month at an affordable price. Finally, automatic updates let you get the latest information without delay.


KISSmetrics is a powerful BI system that identifies, tracks and improves valuable business metrics. You can convert this information into operational information and use it to create effective marketing strategies and improve marketing practices. A good feature is in-depth monitoring that allows you to understand the intentions and behaviors of customers before buying goods and services. Other key features include unlimited customer profiles, unlimited retention reports, export, unlimited conversion periods and unlimited A / B test reports.

The most important point about KISSmetrics is to focus on people, track changes and trends of customers and interpret the business strength of the organization. In addition, we will keep the details of all possible customers and customers involved in your business. You can use this information to create specific marketing campaigns.

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