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We've created incredible custom apps for the iPad!

We specialize in creating custom software solutions for iPad. Our development team has a wide range of work experience to achieve the most challenging goals.

Hire a professional iPad app developer

Our software company has experience at all levels of the development lifecycle. The experience and technical ability ensure that your iPad tool contains powerful and clear code and intuitive and attractive design. Professional developers can ensure that you will ultimately receive products that meet your business goals and meet your requirements without any commitment. By creating iPad applications for years, we know how to take advantage of device features and iOS technology.

We deliver:

  • Produce business apps that deliver results and maximize return on investment
  • Creative thinking, make your project unique, innovative;
  • Legible and solid code to ensure your software is powerful;
  • Simple yet impressive design with the user.

Creation of custom apps for iOS

Your business may need your own iPad app for several reasons:

  • So that customers create more value and participation;
  • Automate and optimize your internal processes;
  • Establish brand awareness;
  • Improve employee management and employee cooperation within the company;
  • Simplify and simplify everyday tasks or whatever.

Whatever your goal, we all know how to implement it in an elegant and crisp iPad.

Unrivaled experience

The team since its inception in 2010 has been maintaining the highest standards of iOS solutions. We know how to maximize iOS functionality and create complex solutions, ensuring simple user interface design to ensure perfect performance and ease of use.

As IT specialists, we know how to develop applications for Apple devices:

  • Maintain the highest quality;
  • Tailored to your industry and specific requirements;
  • With rich features and all the technologies you want;
  • Maintain your marketing strategy;
  • Interactive, interactive and easy to use.

The full range of Apple services

We are proud to say that we are a reliable and responsive professional team. The developers, designers, engineers and project managers will be happy to help with your software project. We receive heavily scratched projects and items projects that need improvement.

Our specialists offer a wide range of services to provide complete cycle development including:

  • Validate your ideas to make sure it works and will provide profitable investments;
  • Create a powerful and stable code for Apple-gadgets;
  • Create a stylish, friendly design and intuitive navigation;
  • An implementation, if necessary, designing a corporate brand and fully customizing its requirements;
  • Complete QA and debugging tests;
  • Start, technical support and maintenance of your custom product.

iPad app development: How to jump in?

In short, software development of both devices requires the same tools and SDKs. You should consider choosing the device you are using to make the app. The developer can help you take advantage of the big screen of the iPad, not only to add more space, but also to include more UI elements for information and features, but also Apple's Extended Functionality.

Thus, in addition to Apple's Retina display provides rich images on both types of devices, in addition to the advantages of screen size that contains more visual and functional elements, the developers help your program perform multiple tasks Benefit. Multitasking is an iPad specific UI component, including slides, split views, and image-in-picture. These three types of multitasking can handle different apps at the same time, which can be very convenient for business people. For example, you have an opportunity slide through an auxiliary program to view, without leaving the currently used software, or split the view, or you can rotate an application in background mode when using other apps.

Our development team optimizes your application to keep it available for any of these modes. This multitasking feature is only available for iOS 9 and later. If users have a previous version, you will benefit from their vertical and horizontal graphics, more detailed and other Popover features. Popover allows the programmers to enhance the user experience by viewing information about screen objects and the list of actions that can be taken on them, managing frequent access options, and displaying split-view controllers in the porgoramm.

Of course, the main factor you should consider is the type of program you want to develop. The more you want to display, the more opportunities you must have for iPad development. If you think you need an iPhone app, our team can provide you with professional iOS application consulting and share our skills, collected, based on 100+ developed cases.

iPad development process

Our development team specializes in "waterfall" and "agile" development methods. If you are using clear schedules and project budgets to clarify your ideas or if your project needs to be fully validated and may require additional functional implementation and mobile strategy changes, we will choose a process that is right for you, which will ensure that your iPad program achieve the desired results.


We start working, discuss and analyze your project ideas. It is important to understand the business and business goals you are trying to achieve. Deep understanding of your business and a great experience to help us build the perfect solution for your specific needs. Our team conducts market research of similar products and services to provide you with a unique yet proven solution to help you sidestep the rivals.

UI / UX Project

The expert staff pay special attention to your software design to ensure your intuition and appeal. These two aspects of design are critical to the program's availability and efficiency. We follow Apple guidelines to create a smooth, lightweight and deep user interface design that retains the content of the mind so that users enjoy a transparent design with clear and clear content that allows users to view their information and provide Seeking the answer.

High quality code

The software engineers write a high quality code that emphasizes the importance of their readability. We know that as technology continues to evolve, today's world is developing at an alarming rate, and one day its software needs to be updated and improved to meet its growing business needs. When you buy our code, you can be sure that any other programmer and developer can easily understand it and use it when updating the program. We will not simply solve your current problem, but we will provide a scalable iPad solution that can be developed with your company.

Launch and Maintenance

As a professional software developer, we guarantee the quality assurance of your iPad app. As we agree with the requirements of your project, QA experts will begin researching your project. They try to eliminate serious mistakes and avoid challenging pitfalls. Testers check the performance and availability of your software because the developer provided the MVP. Careful testing and detailed analysis help us get the best results and save money on maintaining your app. The team will not leave your final product. We will help you get started with your application in the shortest time possible to navigate all Apple restrictions.

Tools and technologies

Our team is an official member of the Apple Developer Program and has access to all the necessary tools available from Apple to develop the enviable iPad app. We focus on the development of iOS because it is the most stable and secure platform therefore the most suitable for mobile business management. Having a developer account allows us to send native apps not only in the App Store, but also to test the Apple beta so that our company may be familiar with Apple's innovations before we begin. This privilege helps us keep up with the times and gain more experience. But when the programmers develop software for the customers, we use proven tools and methods to ensure the quality and efficiency of the program.

Xcode (IDE)

Developers have the ability to benefit from Xcode. Xcode is Apple's official integrated development environment for all iOS devices to create amazing software. The latest version of Xcode has many features that make iPad application development easier, faster, and less error-free. Has a new editor extension that perform runtime checks and detect memory corruption. Therefore, our team can find errors and debug programs even in static code.

Objective-C and Swift

Native iOS programs can only be written in these programming languages, and the team is well versed in both of them. Our iOS developers started using Objective-C and quickly learned about Swift in 2014. Both have some advantage to use, which is why the iOS designers use them in code and program efficiency.

iOS framework

Our development team can also use the iOS framework to significantly reduce development time. They mean that the basic structure of the larger function is perfectly achieved. Proper use of this framework improves software performance. Whether you need to send notifications, in-app purchases, wallets, geography, iCloud integration or any other feature, the experience will be enough to make your iPad tools rich and effective.

The latest innovation

For developers, maintaining the latest technology is critical because it significantly improves developer productivity and provides them with greater functionality. For example, one of the latest Apple innovations that our developers are willing to implement in the development process is App Ding. This innovation includes Slicing, Bitcode and On-Demand capabilities, allowing developers to reduce the amount of program storage required, increase installation and load speed, and optimize the Apple Store iPad application and the latest iOS updates.

How do I make an iPad application?

If you do not want to delay the launch in the market, then developing apps for iOS is the best time. A software suitable for the iPad will help you not only increase the flow of your company, but also improve the awareness and productivity of your brand. Our software company can provide the right solution. Even if you rush to reach us, our team will help you develop the project profile and provide a complete list of specifications that meet your needs and requirements.

Let's talk about it!

We provide hundreds of successful iPad apps to happy customers. If you would like to obtain an order within the deadline and budget of the project, please contact us!