Having a Mobile App created for your business is a simple process

Having a Mobile App created for your business is a simple process and can be an achievable and affordable project for most Small Business.
WE looking at how a Mobile App will serve your business in the most effective way, there are 3 questions to ask:
1. Who are my customers?
2. How will the App serve my customers?
3. How will the App serve my business?
Its important to look at these areas and determine, for your industry, what you will require in an App to have it perform at its best for you.
Lets take a look at these 3 questions further.
Who are my customers?
In every Industry, the customers/clients will be slightly different. Young or old? Working or at home? Tech savvy or ‘help!’.
Knowing your customers characteristics will help you with the design and feel of the App and it can be designed to suit so that your customers will get the best use from it.
How will the App serve my customers?
There are many features that can be included in your customised Mobile App (designed by Strategic Business Apps) and not all of them are going to be a fit.
For instance, a food outlet such as a cafe/restaurant/coffee shop would serve its customers well with an ordering tab and a loyalty card in the app.
A Real Estate agent wouldnt want those features but would want a mortgage calculator and specialised contact forms and listings.
Its important that the App is useful for your customers because you want them to keep opening and using it.
How will the App serve my business?
The App should serve your business in a way that brings in more customers, referrals, loyalty and of course profits.
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The features and functions that will help here are the subscription options, loyalty cards, referral rewards, easy booking forms and of course- easy shopping through the app for your products and services with the inbuilt shopping cart.
Customers must be able to easily but from you, refer to you and gain rewards by shopping with you. That is the convenience and beauty of an app.
Get these 3 areas correct and you will find your Mobile App may become your best marketing and sales tool.
This is all included in the conversation we have at Strategic Business Apps with our clients. Creating and producing quality and useful Apps is our passion.