Project Tracking Software: Best Off-the-Shelf Solutions and Custom

Experienced business owners and beginners also appreciate the adoption and tracking of work-based projects that lead to the depletion of time-consuming resources. Sometimes it is difficult for you to organize efficiently by strictly delaying the delivery date and completing the programming on time.

Traditional methods of tracking alone are not enough. The task of entering information in a spreadsheet, editing notes using the word processing software and recording the minutes of the meeting on paper is a great amount of time.

However, there is a new wave of tools that can change this to facilitate the organization of projects. In addition, in many cases you can perform a lot of useful tasks with easy-to-use software, such as delegating tasks, creating trackable lists and accessing progress reports. In this article we will see some of the best solutions for companies.

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Well-known cross-platform solution.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Project follow-up: No

File sharing: documents, videos, images

Premium version: yes

In recent years, Trello has become one of the most popular tracking softwarelications. You can organize all your work through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can set up dashboards, organize what you are working on, delegate tasks among colleagues, get custom workflows, add calendars on task cards, comment on elements when attaching files. The idea is to manage all aspects of the project within the software , either as a team or individually.

Windows and Mac desktops are supported, and mobile software is available on Android and iOS devices. There is also an optimized version exclusively for iPad Pro. The latter presents a large canvas and a handy e-mail shortcut to speed up the work. The size of the attached file has a limit of 10 MB, but you can download it for free and use it with a free break.

The next phase is a business plan that supports up to 250 MB of attachments, including daily email support, integration with other services such as Google Hangouts and pants, etc. for $ 9.99 per month (approximately $ 7, softwareroximately $ 13)) Additional features are provided.


We focus on the team and follow-up.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Project follow-up: Yes

File sharing: Documents and multimedia files

Premium version: Yes

  • Convenient tracking function
  • Clear cloud-based security function
  • Oriented to the team

Asana as Trello is another tracking solution that you have listened to even if you have not used this service in the past. There are many convenient functions to improve productivity, but the emphasis is on follow-up.

With this software, we create calendars and reminders and always meet deadlines. You can also add due dates, colleagues, instructions for tasks or comment on items. You can also share images from other softwarelications (such as Google Drive) directly to Asana. Most importantly, you can keep track of everything you and your colleagues are working on during the bid to make sure the project runs smoothly and is scheduled.

If you are interested in who is working on a specific task, you can show a list of teams and individuals. It also has a search function, so you can easily find a complete task.

Asana can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices. This service offers a free layer, but is restricted to 15 team members using the basic board. Advance to the top level, with $ 9.99 per month (£ 7, AU $ 13), allowing unlimited use without restrictions of team members and more features, including new features of the timeline.


First communication software that generates project ideas.

Platform: web, Android, iOS

Project follow-up: yes

File sharing: integration with Dropbox and Google Drive

Premium version: yes, purchase in the software on the mobile

  • Purchase options in the software
  • The convenient instant messaging function report function is convenient
  • The premium plan is expensive

Podio is designed for professionals who always work on multiple projects and create new ideas. More than 400,000 companies and teams that include Sony, Volvo and NFL are using it.

In the Podio software, you can create tasks and customize them according to the workflow according to the deadlines and responsibilities. In addition, the instant messaging function is integrated. Use this to share your ideas and delegated tasks. In addition, you can get a quick response without sending multiple emails.

By integrating with third-party services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, you can share content quickly and easily. Podium is available in several additional languages, such as French, German, Danish, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

You have the option to download the software and access the purchases in the software. On the web there are free levels of up to five team members and the basic plan starts with $ 9 per month (AU $ 12, per month).


Effective tool for collaboration.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Project tracking: Progress report

File sharing: documents, videos, images

Premium version: Yes

  • Possibility of creating group chat
  • Solution of the executive veteran
  • Expensive
  • It does not cover the entire infrastructure

Basecamp is one of the oldest project tracking solutions that has existed for more than 10 years and has earned a reputation as a reliable tool for companies working on large undertakings.

To get the latest version of the software, you can send a direct message for a quick discussion, set a schedule to receive notifications only during business hours and click on the softwarelause button to tell the gratitude of your colleagues. It offers several convenient functions. Basecamp says that it avoids fragmented workflows and maintains "discussions, work, files, schedules, chats in one place".

There are also some wonderful features to deal with clients. For example, you can easily save and track customer comments and softwarerovals. You can also get a report on the progress of the work. If you want to collaborate with others, you can create a group chat. The software can be downloaded for free, but the price is $ 99 per month (softwareroximately £ 70, AU $ 130).


What is the best digital assistant?

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Project follow-up: No

File sharing: images, audio, video

Premium version: yes

  • Notes and search lists
  • Scan function
  • The analysis functions are useful
  • The lack of communication function

Evernote is one of the most reliable softwarelications to increase productivity both individually and professionally. Although it is not strictly a complete project tracking software, I think it's worth mentioning the strength of being a superior complementary software for managing complicated and slow commercial tasks.

This software provides all the tools that you think are necessary to keep it organized and stay on the job. You can create and save project ideas, such as notes, checklists, search notes and calendar. However, it does not have to be text based because it has the option of adding sketches, video, audio, PDF, web clips.

Everything is synchronized on all devices in the cloud and you can scan items such as business cards and handwritten notes with smartphone cameras. The premise here is that Evernote works as a personal assistant. The Evernote Plus plan rate is $ 34.99 per year (around 25 euros, softwareroximately $ 45), affordable for the services offered.

  • Project tracking
  • Software tracking and development system
  • Manage the flow of business information in a simple way,
  • Leading solution for project tracking software development

The project monitoring systems are integral and universal tools that help companies and companies to automate business processes. This system allows users to create detailed plans and schedules, collect information related to multiple sources, monitor results and execute tasks. An important advantage of the system is to completely automate the evaluation and optimize the commercial process.

Our team offers reliable resource planning software services from scratch, integrates with existing softwarelications, simplifies and accelerates business processes.

Software Development Planning

The planning system allows efficient tracking and control of corporate resources and the flow of information by strengthening the commercial system. With the software development planning tool, you can continuously monitor staff performance, establish KPIs and business objectives, and make the estimation process more inclusive and clear.

Our development team will help develop easy-to-use planning softwarelications and configure the existing planning system components. Our project tracking software developers have a wonderful experience to define the structure of the grid and implement all the stages of development for your corporate IT solution.

Custom Development of a Project Tracking Tool

The project tracking system allows you to build and adjust a highly automated resource tracking , simplify and automate the latest transactions. In addition, these systems can handle business workflows and provide enterprises with an overview of performance, dynamic information in real time, dynamic forecasting of key metrics and costs, efficient methods of managing equipment, and more.

Our trained team built a robust project tracking tool that manages records / reports of employees (laid off employees), projects and tasks in one place, PM analyzes the workflow of the project and the plans We will help you In addition, you can create a meeting room (negotiation calendar) and an software to manage internal resources.

Development of the Tracking System

Now you can manage the process using the monitoring system. With these tools you can verify employee attendance and work hours, verify the payroll, collect and analyze financial, sales, inventory or vehicle information in real time.

Our team is ready to customize web-based tasks, develop assignments and schedules in working time, track reports, simplify workflow tracking, develop cutting-edge solutions for efficient cooperation of internal teams. We are building systems for the error tracking process. This allows the quality control team to obtain updated information about the status of the errors and the status in the system.

If you need your own top notch project tracking software - just drop us a line.