What Software Do Businesses Use?

For owners and modern entrepreneurs, it is necessary to make smart management decisions. The margin is small, efficiency is important, and if it is completely honest, the business becomes a daily job. In the process, we are drastically reducing inefficiencies that lead to cost reduction and wasted wasteful capital. Many collaborative systems are made that allow remote access. Many protocols, processes and performance are made. Because there are so many moving parts in every business, we need "glue" to take consistent action. That "glue" is software.

IT is a trillion dollar business (according to Gartner, $ 3.5 billion in 2017), B2B software, which is the program or application, that the company uses to do business, costs around $ 350 billion, approximately one third of it. No matter how you cut, the software is an important investment for most companies. Today we will answer the question “What software do businesses use” and analyze the types of programs they use the most, their most common uses and how to determine the specific software.


There are many types of commercial software. This includes custom systems, cloud systems, programs that can be purchased from anywhere. Companies have been using computer programs for decades. Long before the PC revolution forever changes the economy. Nowadays, few companies are completely independent. The first program was very expensive, but as demand increased, the price went down and even the smallest companies could use many of the same equivalent programs of the company.

For our purposes, we divide the use of the software business into three separate categories. Security, operations and relationships.

Security software

Without the security software, the other two types may not be necessary, so we start with the security software. As you can see in the name, security software is the software that you use to free your organization's computer from threats. Security is integrated into computers equipped with an operating system, but sometimes more protection is needed for businesses.

The first thing you should know about security software is that you are in danger. Your data is directed by innumerable entities that try to steal it for their own interests. In fact, we need a solution to mitigate any threat developed to violate the security of the network. This fact, even for IT-savvy consumers, leads to a massive security market that is overwhelming and hurts your head.

  • Ransomware
  • Fishing
  • Virus
  • Malware
  • Denial of service (DDoS)
  • Hacker
  • Human error
  • Sabotage

On the contrary, if these threats can be prevented before entering the company's computer network (or business computing PC), 100 out of 100 will be a secure computing environment. For this reason, it is essential that small company owners and technical executives of large companies understand what is needed to intercept, destroy and completely avoid threats.

Here are some examples of security software.

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Access Control

As the name implies, access control provides a configuration to manage the permissions of users inside and outside the organization's network to access specific parts of the IT infrastructure.


as good against measure, add antispyware, antimalware and other programs designed to keep the teeth away from unnecessary programs on the network or PC. If the threat breaks into the network or PC in some way, it is better to update and manage the antivirus that is being administered.


There are plans for threats to create a comprehensive security of the organization. It is essential to install a backup system. Today, there is a business-level solution that helps the entire organization protect the data on which staff depend.


The firewall is the first virtual wall to protect threats from the network and the PC. As mentioned above, firewalls are installed on many computers, but the company's firewall, which is constantly updated and managed, is the best opportunity to avoid solving problems together.

Intrusion Detection / Prevention

Intrusion detection is a system that continuously scans a network or PC with malicious acts or policy violations. Intrusion prevention works actively to mitigate malicious activity or policy violations.

Security information and Event Management (SIEM)

System that provides alerts analysis in real time, which allows administrators to automate the process of analyzing and recording threats.


Normally dedicated email filtering that contains in solution or as part of an integrated threat management system (UTM), protection against spam decodes received mail.

Protecting the Network from threats is a Way to Run Effective Businesses.

Operation Software

When talking about operating software, it means programs used mainly to complete the work done by the organization. The productivity tools consist of all the applications used to complete the work.


There are millions of different applications that people use to do the job. In fact, the solutions created effectively every day fills the space left by other programs. If the security is the city wall, the operating software is the city itself and provides the infrastructure of the goods and services that will be provided.


Productivity software is provided in various forms and is designed to facilitate human work. If your staff depends on simple and low-resource programs, such as word processors and spreadsheets. It depends on the study of graphics and video editing and the 3D rendering suite, products with high productivity are genuinely integrated into the products and services.


Some of the most popular productivity applications are provided in the server suite in the cloud. This allows developers to maximize the profitability of the software while providing commercial and personal value. For example, although Microsoft Word is more in demand than PowerPoint, combining productivity applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel in cloud-based packages, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft will use these useful titles monthly. Provide advanced products to users and strengthen the value proposition for consumers through the collaboration capabilities of these applications.


The Productivity Software for Companies is the Following

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Project Management

Effective project management is essential for success. Project management systems allows you to assign tasks, manage schedules and deadlines, and collaborate with others.

Office Suite

In general, it consists of text processors, spreadsheets and presentation applications. Most offer integrated email and calendar applications, database administrators, notepad applications, website tools and more.


Companies need to manage money, but accounting solutions today comes with great additions designed to meet the needs of each organization.


Advertising zoning and every industry in the middle have developed programs to help organizations become more efficient.

Custom Software

Developing custom products that directly meets your needs is a good way to increase the efficiency of your organization.

As business costs increase, investing in appropriate operational tools will help improve productivity and generate higher ROI. However, if you are looking for the best option, the latest type of software is essential.

Relationship Software

Owners and business executives have relationships with staff, staff has relationships with suppliers and customers, vendors and customers have relationships with other companies, and other businesses are in open competition. If you do not manage your relationship correctly, the company will have problems to succeed.

From the commercial point of view, if the operating program is a city, the relationship one is all the people. Managing relationships is a priority because there is a possibility that people are creating products and services for people to use. Normally, the software that can best manage the relationship you have is more difficult to learn and expensive.

People often consider customer relationship management (CRM) when considering relationship management, but there are more types of relationship management tools suitable for your business. There is a professional services automation solutions (PSA) developed for professional services such as lawyers and IT professionals. There is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions developed for manufacturers and distributors. All this software has been developed with the aim of managing the relationships that companies must perform efficiently.

The relationship is not more important than the relationship with the client. Today, managing your expectations is more difficult than ever. What social networks are for society and managing expectations and requests to adequately support their products and services is essential to maintain a healthy business. It is very important to maintain an aggressive role in small businesses, online marketing, social networks and the communities where you work. By using software to simplify social networks and marketing activities, you can reduce the time you spend maintaining relationships and developing and producing valuable products and services for consumers.

Some additional relationship management software to consider:

  • Content management system: if you are planning activities on the Internet, it is a good plan to look for a content management system that can manage your website quickly and affordably.
  • Social network management systems: By having a center that can manage all social networking initiatives, you can save a lot of time and expenses of the organization.
  • Human resources programs: not all employees depend on the Human Resources Department for their work experience and professional development, but in general they depend on a considerable number of people (usually, including payroll). It is when presenting a dedicated system of Human Resources, you can spend time and often complain about doing business.

Software is important for every business. If you plan to develop a software to obtain all the necessary tools for the administration, operation, support and commercialization of your products and services, our IT professionals are ready to help - contact us today. You can also learn how to make your business more effective through software.